Ugly Smile

Curated by Mike Rea & Geoffrey Todd Smith
Featuring Danielle DobiesEthan GillMatt IrieEsau McGheeKara Mortensen,Chris NakaJake RacinaSteve Ruiz

July 13 – August 10, 2014

Opening Reception: Sunday, July 13 / 5 – 9pm



Laughter betrays us all. At an early age, we experience a moment where laughs are transformed from pure joy to a form of emotional terror when they are directed toward us. From that moment on, we fear being the butt of a joke. The simple, conflated ideas of joy and laughter are suddenly made much more complex, contributing to the development of our individual sense of humor. Consequently, the risk of humor turning on us fosters hardness, sensitivity, anger and disappointment. These complexities, when introduced into a work of art, can be very charged and volatile subjects.

Sustaining laughter in a static object or image can often prove elusive. The artist runs a risk of seeming flippant or delivering unmemorable one liners worthy of a bumper sticker. However, an artist’s willingness to express their own vulnerability with a sense of humor can be an evocative, poetic form of communication. The artists featured in Ugly Smile embed humor in an array of rigorously transformed materials adding to the complexity and depth of each work. Playfulness and cartoonishness become aggressive, the pathetic is exalted and sensitivity is given power.


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